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2900+ Car Dealerships use Ripley to generate leads powered by our 24/7 chatbot solution on their car marketplaces and dealership websites

For Website Providers & Resellers

Do you want to roll out a chat solution to drive leads across your portfolio of dealership websites? We partner and provide a revenue share to leading website providers.

For Dealer Websites

Install RipleyChat onto your dealer website. Ripley is already integrated with dealer website partners such as BlueSky, SpidersNet, and ClickDealer.

For Marketplaces

Are you a marketplace or classifieds provider? Enable Ripley across your platform and provide rich, contextual leads to your advertisers.

Hello Ian. How can I help you today?
Ripley 2 mins ago
Is this still available?
You 1 min ago
This vehicle is still available.
Would you like to arrange a call back with a salesperson?
Ripley 1 min ago
No thanks
You 1 min ago
Would you prefer to be contacted by email?
Ripley 1 min ago
Yes please
You 45 secs ago
Great, can I take your email address please?
Ripley 20 secs ago
You Just now
🎉 New qualified lead sent to your sales team

Trusted by over 2,900 car dealerships across the UK and Ireland


Automate Automotive Sales

Generate Leads at a
Fraction of the Cost

“We’ve been delighted with the results and have now rolled the service out to our entire network including”

Cecil Hetherington, Used Cars NI

Ripley Lead Email Preview
Email icon

Converted Leads Straight to Your Inbox

Power your sales team with rich metadata. Or integrate with existing Dealer Managemant Systems.

Sales flow icon

Visitor > Leads > Sales

Ask visitors for their email or phone number to be notified of your reply if they leave a conversation open.

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Industry-leading Conversion Rate

Ripley converts over 50% of chats sending through hot leads to your sales team to make closing easy.

Sell While you Sleep

Built for Automotive

Ripley is purpose-built for handling conversations in the automotive industry. Unlike general purpose chatbots, Ripley has specialist knowledge for helping you convert automotive leads for classified sites, dealerships and online marketplaces.


Reporting & Insights

Overview of Sales
and Performance

See how things are going from Ripley’s powerful dashboard and generate customised reports to bring to your next meeting to show how Ripley has boosted automotive sales for your business.

And much more…

Additional Features

NLP icon

Machine Learning & NLP

Ripley gets better with time. It uses Natural Language Processing to understand customer conversations.

NLP icon

Manual Override

Take control of the conversation at any time. Take the steering wheel and speak directly to the customer.

NLP icon

Save money on operating costs

Let your customers browse, ask questions and leave their details for future contact without using any staffing resources.

NLP icon

Tone of Voice Customisation

Customise greetings, conversation endings and much more. Adapt Ripley’s personality to suit your brand.

NLP icon

Open API

Integrate into Facebook Messenger or connect to any of your systems by copying and pasting a simple line of code.

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Dealer Management System-friendly

Ripley even works with your existing Dealer Management System. We will set it up for you, free of charge.

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